Material Process

In my process I was trying to find metaphors between the mind and my making. The unconscious mind is fleeting, unintentional and uncontrollable and elements of the lack of control over non-conscious processes manifest in my design process.
I started to research into possible material solutions and looked into materials that grow and change and suggest behaviour of their own and defy perfect control. The processes I looked into are metaphorically linked to the nature of the human mind. There is a fine line between being in control, and acknowledging the lack of control we have over our own minds and actions. The design process turned out to be very similar to that concept. To a certain degree I wanted to influence the design but then let the material play out and observe what happens. In some cases I was proposing an environment or a structure the piece can develop within, rather than the final outcome. Some pieces on the other hand are very much focused on the experience you have with them, and the kinds of connections you make while wearing. From the very beginning of my project I was certain that my final outcome would be a coherent collection of body related pieces. I was intrigued by the notion of turning the concept of something lying hidden in the depth of our innermost part, outside onto the body for us to consciously experience and interact with.

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