The Process of Creation

“Creativity takes place in the dark not in the light.” (Fuss, A.) Acts of creation and imagination rely on how we unconsciously process inspiration or data. The unconscious decides which scenarios will rise to consciousness and which will be ignored. Sparks of ideas which sometimes occur have all been pushed to awareness thanks to the unconscious mind. Science associates the alpha state of mind, in which people are completely relaxed and at rest, with creativity and genius sparks. In this state we have access to the richness of our unconscious minds. The state between sleep and wakefulness is called hypnopompic. While in this state, when we are still in contact with the unconscious side of ourselves, we have access to the most vivid imagery and it is probably the most beneficial and creative state. People like Einstein and Edison deliberately used this state to find creative solutions for their work.
The exuberant pieces for this scenario are grown in a very organic way. I poured material that grows during its development into a suggested structure on the body thus allowing them to develop their own language.

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