The Proprioceptive Sense

Proprioception is our „sixth sense“ that keeps us constantly informed about every signal from our skin, joints and muscles, controlled unconsciously.
In his book „Strangers to Ourselves, Discovering The Adaptive Unconscious“ T.D. Wilson describes the case of Ian Waterman, who lost his proprioception due to nerve damage. As a result of this loss he was unable to stand, walk, drive or even lift his arm. Only by learning to constantly watch his body he managed to be in control of his limbs and movements. “One day […] there was a sudden power failure, casting the room into darkness. Mr. Waterman immediately fell to the floor. Because he could not see his body he could no longer control it.”
In this scenario I intend to make aware of this special sense and even the subtlest movements, all controlled by our unconscious mind.

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Photography: Robert Klebenov
Hair & Make-up: Claudia Rotoli
Model: Nadja Kratschmer