The Unintended Thought

Where do our thoughts come from, what are they influenced by? Can we choose what we think and feel? Every thought, that rises to the surface of our consciousness is influenced by many unconsciously controlled factors and suggests that we cannot really choose what we think and do. In 1975 Posner and Snyder recognized that „the existing evidence implied that intentional control may not always exist and that the degree to which one could control one’s thoughts and decisions was an empirical question, that opened the gates for research on the role of intention. “ John-Dylan Haynes from the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin, Germany found in 2008 that our brain is active for up to 10 seconds before a conscious decision. Haynes says “the conscious will is not free.” “ What we think of as free will is actually found in the subconscious.”

My Props for this scenario are white and pure to begin with. If heat is applied three-dimensional shapes appear randomly on their surface. It changes them in unexpected ways creating new textures and experiences. Like our minds the evolving patterns on my pieces cannot be fully controlled.

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