Interactive Dream Surface

“Consciousness is our shallowest sensation” as John Gray puts it. Communication is reduced to a mere symbolic level only able to be understood by our intellect not by our senses or emotions. In my project “Subconscious Connections” I tried to trigger an emotional connection between other people by letting them interact on a more intuitive i.e. subconscious level.

Lucid dreaming describes a state of awareness while being asleep. Being in this state you can influence your dream, your outer appearance and even decide to share your dream with another person.
The outcome of these dreams is a tangible surface, created by the participating dreamers themselves. Allowing them to fabricate an evolving space by adding a piece of themselves to it, bringing to life an ever changing interactive surface.

Different states of brain activity can be translated into the movement of a motor. Each dreamer takes ownership of his own motors defining the angle of their movements thus affecting a specified part of the surface.


Code and technology by Paul Ferragut.